CPSA Compliance

A top priority at Ohiopyle Prints, Inc. is manufacturing safe products in compliance with the Consumer Products Safety Act, Title 16, Part 1303 regarding lead products and CPSC HR 4040 regarding lead content.

Below are certifications and laboratory test information as well as informational documents for some of our products.

Printing Inks Used During our Production Processes: 

Product / Material (Click to see supporting documents) Lead Tested Phthalates Tested
  Plastisol Ink Test Report Rutland Claira Series Standard Color Mix   Yes  Yes
  Plastisol Ink Test Report Rutland Claira Series HO Base    Yes
  Test Report Rutland Claria Series Fluorescent Color Mix  Yes  Yes
  Wilflex Screen Print Plastisols  Yes  Yes
  "Glitter/Flakes" embedded in our printing inks  Yes  Yes
  Polyester Jewels (Caviar Beads) embedded in printing inks  Yes  Yes


  Background Information on the 2008 CPSIA

    CPSA Interperatation #321 regarding Phalates and wearing apparel

    CPSA finding on materials typically not containing lead

    Link to actual text of the law: CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2008

Additional Consumer Safety Information

      Drawstring Safety